b. 1972





2004-05  Penland School of Crafts / Baskerville, NC

2003        Pratt Fine Arts Center / Seattle, WA

1998-99  Pratt Fine Arts Center / Seattle, WA

1993-91  California College of Arts and Crafts / Oakland, CA

1990        Apprenticeship to John Ligget at Richard Marquis’ Studio

1989        Pilchuck Glass School / Stanwood, WA

1988        Swain School of Design / New Bedford, MA



2019        Original Voices / Ken Saunders Gallery / Chicago, IL

                 The Spring Show / Museo / Langley, WA

2018        The Spring Show / Museo / Langley, WA

                 I Dwell In Possibility / Penland Gallery / Penland, N.C

2017        Bowls in Pate de Verre / AD Gallery and Consultancy / Antwerp, Belgium

                 Holiday Show / Blueschool Arts / Clinton, WA

                 Spring Show / Museo / Langley, WA

2016        Life Forms 2016 / Cedar Arts Center / Corning, NY

                 Life Forms 2016 / Pittsburgh Glass Center / Pittsburgh, PA

                 Mardi Gras! / Museo / Langley, WA

2015        The Pop Art Show / Museo / Langley, WA

                 WOW Local Inspirations / WICA / Langley, WA

                 Blueschool Art Grand Opening / Blueschool Arts / Clinton, WA

                 The art of Provenance / Museo / Langley, WA

                 Whidbey Island Working Artist Tour / Blueschool Arts / Clinton, WA

2014        The Glass invitational / Museo / Langley, WA

2013        Visions, The Next 50 Years / Habatat Galleries Michigan / Royal Oaks, MI

                 Whidbey Island Glass Invitational / Museo / Langley, WA

2012        Fifty by Fifty / Muskegon Museum of Art / Muskegon, MI

                 Whidbey Island Glass Invitational / Museo / Langley, WA

                 50 Years of Glass / Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft / Louisville, KY

                 Spring Instructor Exhibit, / Penland School of Crafts / Penland, NC

2011        Whidbey Island Glass Invitational / Museo, Langley, WA

                 Trespassing / Pucini Lubel / Seattle, WA

                 Alicia Lomne, Seed Thoughts / Museo / Langley, WA

2010        Alicia Lomne / Museo / Langley, WA

                 Whidbey Island Glass Invitational / Museo / Langley, WA

                 Glass Now Auction / National Liberty Museum / Philadelphia, PA



2017        Permanent collection at Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass / Neenah, WI

2002        Quite Room, Donor Recognition wall, collaboration with David Gignac /

                 Whidhey General Hospital / Coupeville, WA

2001        Swedish Hospital piece purchase for The Cancer Institution Collection / Seattle, WA

1999        Financial Scholarship Award / Pratt Fine Arts Center / Seattle, WA

                 Artist in Residence / Bullseye Glass Company / Portland, OR

1989        Carning Award Nomination / Pilchuck Glass School / Stanwood, WA

For many years my work was mainly driven by the exploration of process. Historically pate de verre has had moments of flourishing and then dying out almost completely due to the secrecy held around this technique; therefore, it was difficult to come by information easily when I first began this journey. Taking what I had previously learned about lost wax casting and the single class in pate de verre casting techniques, plus much trial and error, I created my own approach to pate de verre.


I have always used my work to explore technique but it has also held themes of personal emotion, theories of being, and reflections of the natural world. The process of pate de verre brings a stillness, a quiet concentration, a demand for presence, that I find soothing and meditative in our fast-paced society. Over the years my work has turned further from the pursuit of perfection toward the inspiration of nature. I find that the emotions I have always tried to express and my love of the natural world have become inextricably bound to each other.


The process I employ involves observation first, collecting images, sometimes collecting samples and then researching these items. Sometimes the influence is immediate, other times it takes a year or two for these ideas or images to find their way into my work. I do not usually seek to replicate objects exactly, nature is always the better artist, the intent is to create an abstract reflection which reminds one of the original. “The idea is to stop, even for just a moment, to reflect upon and realize the immense complexity, diversity, polarity, and beauty of the world in which we live."


There are many different things that have inspired me over the years, moths, nudibranchs, fungi of all kinds, creatures of the sea and forest. Throughout I have always taken note of objects or “deposits” that are markers of time. Rust, the strata of the earth’s crust, ice cores which can show us the weather over a hundred years ago, layers of paint in a house, the soul of a favorite shoe, the alluvial sediment which shows between the seams of the highway barricades. Currently I am focused on these, “Alluvial Pathways”; the layers upon layers marking our days, our movements, the weather, and flow of water. The patina of time is the inadvertent storyteller of our present, past, and future.


Alicia Lomné


Ken Saunders Gallery

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