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July 13 - August 30, 2018

Cassandria Blackmore reverse paints on sheets of glass and controls the destruction that is caused when she intentionally shatters her creations. In her statement she describes her technique but only in person are the qualities that make these works so impressive comprehensible. The works are edgy but they are also calm. The “bigness” of these pieces suggests nothing less than the birth of the cosmos; delicate big bangs full of possibility.


This body of work revels the artist’s fierce pursuit of her generous vision; her color choices have resulted in hues that are bright and persuasive. At first blush the pieces are eye-popping; the fragments of glass creating a sharp, color-filled skein.


The sumptuous objects glow with preternatural spirit; the richly visual cataclysm that is suggested by the shattered glass is huge and theatrical. Indeed, for this exhibition we have placed a bench in the middle of the gallery so that viewers can let the dramatic surfaces at once coalesce and continue their detonation. This really is “action painting” that demands slow looking.


The gallery is thrilled to mount our first exhibition for Cassandria Blackmore and we wish to express our genuine appreciation for all of the artist’s efforts.


Ken Saunders, 2018


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