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November 2 - December 28, 2012


blown and sand carved glass

8 x 17 x 17 inches



For his latest exhibition at Ken Saunders Gallery, Jose Chardiet has brought together a body of work that is far reaching in form, concept and execution.


There are brilliantly colored petite vessel forms with surfaces rich in mysterious copper inclusions and fanciful cold worked embellishments.

There are meticulously crafted electroplated hot-glass Teapots/Skyscrapers that are marvels of architecture in the miniature and luxurious objets d’art. Chardiet creates wondrous objects in a scale that many artists find intimidating, but in the larger works in this exhibition the artist exerts a master’s exuberance for ambitious plans and the touch to execute his complex designs. Included in this exhibition are a number of the artist’s most resolved Still-Lifes to date. Fiercely Caribbean, these multi-part sculptures strum with a vibrant internal rhythm, sway in a sensual breeze. The sculptures in this series are a complex construction of cast, blown, and hot-tooled glass elements that have been ground, polished, electroplated, and/or painted.


Finally, there are two very special older works included in this exhibition. The artist’s Headdress series has very few examples. These large blown and hot-tooled sculptures marked a point in artist’s career when he challenged himself with scale by taking advantage of vocabulary he had developed with the Still-Lifes and the technique of constructing his sculptures from multiple parts. These works are exemplary representations of the artist at his boldest and most ambitious.


Ken Saunders 2012

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