ARTIST STATEMENT                 


2010        Masters in Craft / Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design / Dundee, Scotland

1989        Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude & Music with High Honors / Brandeis University / Waltham, MA



2018        Solo TBC / Scottish Gallery / Edinburgh, Scotland,

2017        Annual Glass Exhibition / Pyramid Gallery / York, England

                 Recurrent Rhythms / Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery / Pittsburgh, PA

                 Kelpie Celebration / Old Course Hotel / St Andrews, Scotland

2016        Gallery10 / Edinburgh, Scotland

                 Craft in Dialogue / Dovecot / Edinburgh, Scotland

                 Summer Exhibition / Fraser Gallery / St Andrews, Scotland

2014        Pittenweem Arts Festival / Fisher Gallery / Scotland

2012        Pittenweem Arts Festival / Fisher Gallery / Scotland

2011        Pittenweem Arts Festival / Fisher Gallery / Scotland



Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

Pyramid Gallery, York

Fraser Gallery, St Andrews

Old Course Hotel, St Andrews

Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Ken Saunders Glass Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA



Ewan McGregor

Apple’s Design Lawyer



2017        Shortlisted / Queens Award for Excellence in British Craft

2016        By Design

2011        Inches Carr Trust Craft Research Bursary



2017              Hot glass collaboration with James Maskrey, Kalki Mansel and Jane Charles

2015              Combining hot glass and warm glass collaboration with Material Scientist

2013-15        Mentoring with Fiaz Elson

2012              Master Class with Angela Jarman

2011              Inches Carr Research Bursary

2010              Kilncasting Master Class, Colin Reid Studio

                       Working in Nicola Cairn Glass Studio

My work combines what are ordinarily two separate glass-forming techniques: blowing with casting. With hot glass techniques I produce all of the raw materials I melt into a sculpture. With casting skills, I create the conditions in which glass ‘paints’, producing brush strokes and flecks of colour as liquid glass moves to fill the mold. Bringing these traditions together is riddled with complications, but there is great potential to create truly innovative imagery!


The casting itself is a performance: like a river running downstream in between and over rocks, colour glass flows around clear. I orchestrate - with time, gravity, material makeup of hand shaped glass - how structures collapse, wrap, flow.


Combining tactile making in concert with natural law, I materialize transience, crafting a performance in a physical form. Each piece is a living, breathing display of colours, patterns and light, where painted marks and reflections appear, disappear, reappear or unite in different ways from every view.


230 West Superior Street Chicago, IL 60654 | T 312.573.1400 |