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July 14 - August 30, 2017

Surrounded by heavy woods with stone strewn all around Northwood, New Hampshire still feels like a place that was just waiting for Tom to arrive. The artist finds inspiration in the passing of seasons and rhythms of the natural world. In the pitch darkness of night, the artist has been taking long exposure black and white photographs. Through his viewfinder, he discovered an aching beauty in the leafless branches of the towering Beeches and Oaks and was inspired to add a cast bronze element to his work. The bronze branches embrace his figures even as he tries to suggest that the figures are growing out and away, entwined and blossoming.


Tom’s choice of material reflects the artist’s belief that the stone elements of his sculptures give the figures a timeless quality while the thick translucence of the cast glass suggests a spiritual essence. The figures are “about” family, relationships and history. The Seated Figures, noble, silent and stoic, are self-portraits the glow of the glass when lit is a reflection of artist’s luminous inner self.


These days the works start with the torso stone. When he first started, he looked for stones that already looked like heads and torsos but these days he prefers to work the stone significantly while maintaining the organic qualities of the material. The head is the hardest element since the way it sits on the glass shoulders gives the works their gesture.


This catalogue documents Thomas Scoon’s exhibition Figurative. The gallery is proud to present works in glass, stone and bronze by this master of the casting process.


Ken Saunders 2017


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