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I use the ancient medium of glass as a conceptual tool to explore contemporary ideas about mind, place and information. I came to my art practice via a career in healthcare. Working for more than a decade in Chicago area hospitals gave me a deep understanding of the importance of our surroundings to our well-being: humans thrive in engaging environments. Alongside the hard lines and repetitive forms of our cityscape, I notice the fluidity and constant transformations in our natural world. These moments fascinate me and I try to re-create them in my work.


Reflect considers the subjective experience of the built world. Borrowing from the material vocabulary of contemporary architecture, Reflect brings the ubiquitous yet overlooked medium of glass into a conceptual dialogue about material, methods of making and embodied experience. Light reflecting on permanent architectural surfaces creates ephemeral moments of visual interest and discovery. Movement through the cityscape introduces geometric distortions and rhythms that engage our biologically rooted inclinations to decode information embedded in the geometries around us. In so doing, these architectural abstractions transform vast factory-made structures into familiar moments.


Our urbanscape invites a dialogue about re-imagining beauty. Living well in urban settings requires new ways of seeing beauty and staying connected to the natural world.


Heather Hancock


Ken Saunders Gallery

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