2006-Present   Founder and operator of East Falls Glassworks / Philadelphia, PA



2015        The Chihuly Collection / Italian Traditions / St. Petersburg, FL

2014        Duncan McClellan Gallery / A Cut Above / St. Petersburg, FL

                 Taos Art Glass Invitational / Taos, NM

                 Schantz Gallery / Glass Weekend / Stockbridge, MA

2013        Schantz Gallery / Glass Weekend / Stockbridge, MA

                 Morgan Gallery / Uncommon Grounds / Pittsburgh, PA

2008        Smithsonian Craft Show

2002        Philadelphia City Hall / Images in Glass / Philadelphia, PA



2013        Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass (AACG) / March, Artist of the Month

2010        Art Glass Today / Jeffrey B. Snyder, Schiffer Publishing

                 Creative Glass / Charles McFadden and Danijela Kracun, Schiffer Publishing

2006        Featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the Py Family / Aired - April 30th




Glass is an extraordinary material, unlike anything else in its ability to reflect and refract light.  A glass object can appear almost alive at times, interacting with its surroundings and changing as the illumination or viewing angle shifts.  My creative process is an exploration of these unique properties of the material.


Inspiration is drawn from many sources in the natural world, but the pieces are abstract enough to allow the observer to create their own interpretation of what each object represents.


Thick-walled, solid forms emphasize glass' optical properties and provide an interior space.  Within this space, simple blown-glass colored elements are joined or layered together with clear glass to create a composition.  After the piece has cooled-down, curved facets are cut through the blown object to create the final form.   These facets can act either as windows into the piece or as mirrors reflecting back portions of the internal composition.


I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to experiment freely with glass and this body of work represents my personal aesthetic and ideas.  Despite its fragility, glass endures and will be passed on to future generations. There is great satisfaction in the thought that this work could survive and be appreciated, as we appreciate glass made several thousand years ago.



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