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JOEL PHILIP MYERS A Group of Associated Memories

September 6 - October 27, 2013

Arctic Summer

15.5 x 15 x 4 inches



David Schwarz creates glass sculptures from blown forms, the surfaces of which are heavily embellished with illusionistic landscapes.


Handling hot glass requires deft skills that are honed over a lifetime. In its viscous form working with glass requires intuition, strength and control. The dance proceeds inextricably once the molten glass is gathered; artist bringing to bear all of his skills even as the glass resists his every entreaty. To create the canvas that he will draw and paint upon, David Schwarz must execute large, symmetrical, thick-glassed objects of exacting proportions. David’s work is so much about the cold work-the cutting and grinding and other processes that are used to mark the surfaces-but we should not take the forms themselves for granted.


Artists and artisans throughout history have employed their skills to embellish the objects that they have created with signs, symbols, marks and pictures that are meant to imbue the objects with extra meaning/beauty/resonance.


For David, the surface work is akin to drawings in three dimensions that are full of color and movement. Taking advantage of the optical qualities of the glass to create kaleidoscopic effects, David is able to create floating fantastic landscapes. The resulting sculptures juxtapose the restraints of the forms themselves with the exuberance of the landscapes he has created on their surfaces.


The gallery is very proud to be mounting the exhibition of glass sculpture by David Schwarz. His work embodies the very best qualities of the Studio Glass Movement.


Ken Saunders 2013

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