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May 4 - July 7, 2018

This survey of new, young and underexposed artists gives me the opportunity to review exciting trends, exceptional undiscovered talents and objects and artworks that despite their outstanding qualities and originality fell through the cracks and went unseen and unnoticed. In the best tradition of connoisseurship a lot of looking is involved; objects are considered and artists are interviewed. While it is exciting to find new work and young artists I  try to give special attention to work that may have been overlooked or work that with the passage of time reveals its importance.


John E. Bannon is an artist working in Chicago. The artist works in multiple media but for this exhibition Bannon is contributing two works in neon. In a material that is enjoying a resurgence critically as well as in the marketplace Bannon has created an unusual body of work that is generally image rather than text based. The artist often takes advantage of the optical qualities of his forms and the dramatic colors produced by his gas filled tubes to heighten the visual pyrotechnics.


Fiaz Elson is an artist living and working in London. Her cast glass objects, with their high polish, glow seductively, the straightforward forms and colors, beguiling in their apparent simplicity. The artist teases her optical effects utilizing both subtle and dramatic juxtapositions of form and color. Elson has exhibited in commercial galleries, museums and Art Centers around the world though inclusion in this exhibition marks the at’s first opportunity to show her work in the United States.


Catharine Newell returned to the arts after her professional career. A resident of the Pacific Northwest Newell has taken advantage of the proximity of two of the most significant art centers for glass, Bullseye in Portland and Pilchuck in rural Washington to further her education in glass working techniques. The artist’s process is marked by experimentation and an embrace of uncertainty. Newell describes a journey within; trusting intuition in a search for the essence of meaning and truth.


Charonne Ruth is an American ex-pat from Brooklyn whose life in a 12th century town in the Scottish countryside has so transformed the artist that she considers herself a Scottish artist, “with an American perspective”. Working with blown inclusions that float and frolic inside clear cast glass forms the artist creates peek-a-boo interior worlds that seem to flash into existence and then disappear just as quickly with the slightest change of perspective.


Tim Shaw is the most accomplished and established of the artists presented in this iteration of Original Voices. Shaw was born in Cyprus and raised in Yorkshire in the UK. His studies have taken to him Amsterdam and London, where his course-work at the Royal College of Art earned Shaw a second MA. Since 2002 Shaw has made the Adelaide Hills, outside the provincial capital of South Australia his home and the location for his glass blowing studio. The artist exhibits his cold carved blown glass forms widely in Australia, Europe and the UK.


Ken Saunders Gallery is thrilled to present an exhibition that explores current trends in glass working with a show of new, young and under-exposed artists working around the world. The gallery hopes that this presentation will lead to discoveries and happy opportunities to patronize deserving work at a critical time in these artist’s careers.


Ken Saunders, 2018


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