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November 1 - December 28, 2013


Hesitating Honey Cyclone

8 x 28.5 x 28.5 inches



The works by Stephen Powell that we are all familiar with have always been over the top blown glass creations that are a sly mix of humor and slight of hand virtuosity. With their suggestive figurative features and impossibly ambitious scale these works were Stephen’s signature creations. The acclaim these works received was truly deserved. Powell’s consummate skills as an artist and craftsman have been acknowledged by critics and curators. That work is well-represented in the best collections of Studio Glass in the world.


Challenged to create something fresh for a new audience Powell returned in 2011 to a far smaller form, more intimate in scale but even more intense in his use of color. These works were varied in shape, more so than at any point in the artist’s  career but they remained absolutely signature work, ranking with his best efforts.


In 2013 Stephen Powell is presenting what is surely the evolved result of his experiments with a smaller scale even as the works mark a dramatic technical and visual break from the artist’s previous work in which the glass murrini has played such a central role. Indeed the application of color has changed completely from a patchwork of glass canes to a swirling stream of trailing strings of color set against luminous bands of purple, yellow and red.


This work feels exceedingly resolved and completely new; the artist’s full command of his technique firmly on display and embodied in every work.


I am personally thrilled to be able to present this exhibition of Stephen Powell’s latest work and publish this catalogue documenting the show.


Ken Saunders 2013

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