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June 6 - July 26, 2014

Primary Orb

blown glass

20 x 17 x 16 inches





As a lifelong resident of the Pacific northwest, I’ve spent countless hours on the shore. I’ve always found that lighthouse lenses hold great power and beauty. Large and spherical with a continuous wrap, the Optical Lens pieces are reminiscent of lighthouse lenses. Like a Fresnel lens, this wrap creates an optical illusion of motion as one walks around them. These pieces also remind me of a gather of honey, continually in movement, molten and glowing.





I’ve worked in glass for thirty years and for a good portion of that, I’ve focused on making large-scale sculptural objects that have deeply personal roots.   A reoccurring theme is one of the relationships of individual parts, in a whole.


The Geometric Series is an exploration into the theory that all things have a geometric significance or a mathematical sequence. Often this sequence builds on itself.  If you break objects down, eventually you will find a geometric structure in the essence, whatever it is. My vision is to create organic sculpture using rigid components to portray this concept of growth and clarity in form.


When I first began this series, it was very direct in the replication of color and form. As it has evolved the sculpture has become more dynamic with

compositions and surface treatments of the elements.



Richard Royal 2014

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